LCD Advertising Digital Display Kiosk-Windows

LCD Advertising Digital Display Kiosk-Windows

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LCD Advertising Digital Display Kiosk-Windows-49 inch:

LCD Advertising Digital Display Kiosk featuring interactive IR touchscreen panel to entice and interact with your audience. Cycle through captivating content on this indoor freestanding digital display. The commercial multimedia kiosk provides an alternative to traditional print signage options, making it an upgraded promotional tool in public venues.

Upload content using USB ports for plug-n-play function or through a personal cloud storage account over Wi-Fi. Customize the digital display to incorporate interactive media with compatible management systems or service providers.

The touchscreen digital display helps simplify the user experience when looking for information or promotions at a glance.

Protected with a tempered glass panel, the freestanding unit is designed with durability in mind. Each touchscreen device provides ease of use when setting up by eliminating the need for a remote or mouse, simply select with the touch of your finger!

Alternatively, if your business is interested in an interactive display, with the right developed content this unit offers the perfect platform. Create engaging content pertaining to your business for a digital display sure to be noticed!

Offering limitless opportunities, each multimedia kiosk is suitable for a variety of industries and indoor locations.